Frequently Asked Questions

These are the question I face alot from different clients. So why not just answer them in a page, saving time of both sides.

What is your hourly rate?

10$/hr only.

Do you do fixed rate works?

Yes! I prefer it more over hourly rate.

Do you provide revisions?

Yes, 2 revisions per projects and if clients gets regular i give more revisions.

How many projects you have done?

72 and counting.

When are you available?

Usually I am available 24X7 on gmail replies. And if you are talking about for project works then i dont do more than 2 projects simultaneously for quality purpose.

How and when do you take payment?

I take payment via PAYPAL. And I always take payment after the job is done, no upfront payment is needed.

Where are you located?

I am from Bangladesh.

Then why are you working on US works?

I think my works are well enough (regarding quality) to compete with the US workers. and I think my rates are reasonable at the same time. So why not?

Why should I trust a NON-US worker?

Well thats totally upto your choice. But as you have seen i already did 72 projects. So I think you can rely on me and i can ensure you that once you hire me we will have a long working relationship.

Which CMS is this?

Its made of eCMS. eCMS is "epsilon CMS" which is a custom made Content Management System created by me. and I make this kind of management system by php and mysql. If you check my portfolio you will see I did this kind CMS before according to the need of client.

My Contacts

You can contact me 24X7 for any web related services or queries. Mail me for instant qoutes or services and expect reply within few minutes.



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