Incredible Jojo Movie - Official Website Redesign And Web App

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Project Link :

Project Category : Web

Coding/Technique/Platform Used : PHP, JS, HTML5, CSS

Client Name : Brian Schimdt

Clients Region : San Diego, US

Project Description :

The site was completely redesigned by me.with some challenging task and options to be added to the site. like making JS animations and coding them.also the most difficult task was making the Silly-face page.the task was to make an online drawing app driven with JS,then using PHP for making the output JPEG file.and also sending it through complete mixing of HTML5(Canvas),CSS,JS And PHP.And the client was ecstatic after seeing the final product.Also created a web store for selling merchandises via paypal with multiple options like size,colors and quantity of the product and also developing a PRE_ORDER system for specific items.completely developed by me with PHP and paypal.

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